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r Policies
Please Read
By renting a Inflatable bounce house/Canopy from PacJim Party Rentals you will be required to sign a waiver acknowledging that you have read our rules, and that you will accept  full responsibility for the Inflatable bounce house while it is in your care. Failure to sign the waiver will result in a cancellation. 
All Inflatable bounce houses/Canopies will be set up by Pacjim Party Rentals and you will be given the opportunity to note any damage. Upon pickup the Inflatable bounce house must be inflated so it can  be inspected by Pacjim Party Rentals.  
In order to reserve a piece of equipment from PacJim Party Rentals we do not  require a deposit. All you have to do is call us with NAME, Date and Address. We will call day prior to the event to confirm. Payment is required on day of delivery. 
Once item is delivered, setup and rental agreement signed  there is no refund given, regardless of weather conditions. Renter of equipment assumes all risks associated with weather related delays and/or interruptions of the equipment once it is delivered. 
We reserve the right to cancel any reservations due to adverse weather conditions. We will need to cancel if it is raining at the time of delivery, there is a high chance of rain, or there are high winds in excess of 15Mph the day of the delivery.   Renter assumes responsibility for safety and any damage to items delivered. . If we have to pick the unit up early due to bad weather, no refunds or discounts will be given.
It is an unfortunate part of doing business when I have to charge someone for damage or cleaning. PLEASE REMEMBER these bounce houses help me to make a living. Please be courteous to the Inflatable bounce houses  by following all rules and recommendations above. This will help ensure  that I can continue putting smiles on the little ones faces. It is my desire that we work together and form a business relationship to last through out the years. I want your business and your referrals, if there is anything  that I can help correct please make me aware of it. I wish you a fun and safe celebration. If you have any concerns about the rules, recommendations or issues with the Inflatable bounce house/Canopy rental please call us at PacJim Party Rentals 915-471-0168.  Damages caused by you the renter and/or your guest must be paid for by you.    Items such as tears, punctures, graffiti, Burns, water damage and silly string damage will all result in repair or cleaning fees.  If repairs can not be made the total replacement fee will be charged to the renter. These units are not cheap. 
Silly String bonds to the vinyl and is very hard to remove, cleaning costs can be as much as $700.00 Do not let this happen to you. If the unit is damaged by water (due to rain, sprinklers, water balloons, etc) it can cost anywhere from $100-$500 to dry it out. Tears , burns and punctures may result in the shipment of the unit to a qualified repair specialist at which you will be charged all associated costs. If the unit is un-repairable or stolen you will be charged its full value of $1800-3200 dollars. 
1. Moonwalks require a separate 20amp outlet somewhere close to the moonwalk.  We will bring extension cords with a total length of 75 feet.  The closer to the outlet we can set up the moonwalk the better.  We do not want other items plugged into the same outlet as this can cause the circuit to become overloaded resulting in power loss and the Inflatable Bounce House deflating while your guests are in it. 
2. Please locate a spot to set up the Inflatable Bounce House.  A grassy area at least 20’x20’ by 20' High is ideal.  Should you decide to set up on a hard surface please let us know in advance.  Please make sure all animal droppings and sharp objects are picked up and sprinklers are turned off.  It is best to turn off sprinklers at least a day in advance if not more.   We will not set up  on top of any Fire Ant piles.  Tree branches must be pruned  enough to where they do not come in contact with inflatable bounce house. Stakes  must  be used to secure Inflatable , Damage to Sprinkler systems is Responsability of Rentor. 
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